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beer in boot glasses

We are dedicated to freshness and that doesn't stop in the kitchen. We are always looking to "shake things up" - sit down and experience the LABCo way of life.


5 oz Taster..... 1.50

Flight of Six Tasters..... 7.00

11 oz Draft..... 3.00

Pint..... 4.00

Growler with beer..... 15.00
  Flagship beer Refill..... 9.00

Seasonal Beer Refill.....10.00
  Growler Tuesday - Flagship Beer Refills only..... 7.00!  Seasonal Beer Refills...8.00!
  New Growler..... 6.00

Daily Handcrafted Pint Special..... 3.00

Wildcat Wheat Ale

Wildcat Wheat Ale

Winter wheat malt is used to create a mild body
with a hint of sweetness, and balanced with a dash 
of hops to round out the flavor. This beer is doubly 
refreshing when served with a lemon wedge.  

ABV: 5.0%

Prairie Pale Ale

Prairie Pale Ale

This highly hopped, high alcohol brew is based on 
the classic India Pale Ale style. We use the finest 
domestic and European hops. 

ABV: 6.6% 


XX Black Angus Stout

XX Black Angus Stout

A rich, creamy, nitrogen carbed American-style
stout made with a special blend of six different
malts and hops from the Northwest. 

ABV: 6.2%