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Event Space

We happily accept reservations for parties/groups of 6 or more


Any party/group of eight or more may request to be seated in one of our banquet rooms with no expectation of meeting the above food and beverage minimum with the understanding that we will not guarantee privacy (unless the minimum is met) and have the privilege of seating other parties/groups in the remainder of the private dining area. *It is required that everyone order a sandwich or entrée.

Angus Room Capacity: Seats 40
Sunflower Room Capacity: Seats 54


We do not charge a room rental fee for private use, however, we do require all parties/groups to meet a food and beverage minimum (excluding tax and gratuity).

Friday and Saturday evenings - $1000
Lunchtime minimum - $200

~ If the minimum is not met, the difference will be charged to the final bill as a room charge or you can purchase gift cards.


event space

Call 785-539-5500 to reserve a room for your reception or party.